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BlackTools 2.5.3 - One TCL, One Smart EggDrop

BlackTools is the most complete channel management tcl script for eggdrop/windrop who can manage channels from all the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network. Offers everything you need for you to start using your eggdrop by having a lots of commands, protections, modules that make your channel more safe and your life easier.
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Eggdrop 1.8.4 - Stable Release

Eggdrop is the most advanced, most popular, and best supported IRC bot. If you've never used a bot before, you'll find Eggdrop provides a staggering array of options for channel management, and can easily be expanded further to provide even more functions. It is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon (using Tcl scripting) by both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software platforms.
The Eggdrop code is free for anyone to download and use.
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BlackWeather 1.0 - real-time weather conditions

Displays real-time weather conditions, days forecast and local time from any city in the world.
Supports US Zipcode, UK Postcode, Canada Postalcode or worldwide city name.
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BlackIP 1.8 - New System Style.

Returns IP address dns, location and organization informations for a nick/IP/hostname.
Both IPv4 & IPv6 supported.
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YouTubeTitle 1.9 - Added stars for likes.

Fetches and displays video information when a YouTube link is posted in channel.
Displays title, date and rating of posted video links.
Supports also HTTPS links.
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Eggdrop Few Tricks

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Some little tricks that you may or may not know about:

1. You can "lock" a user's info line by putting a '@' as the first letter. They won't be able to change it any more.

2. '.status all' will dump out virtually everything you have configured on your bot.

3. You can automagically make a ban sticky by adding a '*' as the first character in the ban reason.

4. You can modify Eggdrop's output in partyline and messages by editing core.english.lang in the language directory.

5. You can unlink all bots and clear out the botnet info from memory by using '.unlink *'. It erases all channel assocs and everything.

6. Tcl has a command 'info body <proc>' that will list the contents of a proc and 'info args <proc>' shows what you have defined as the parameters for the proc.

7. If you don't want your logfiles to be deleted after two days and don't want the bot to create a new logfile each new day, then set 'keep-all-logs' to 0 and 'switch-logfiles-at' to 2500 in your eggdrop config file to make it keeping one logfile all the time. REMEMBER: this is not recommended on high traffic channels.

8. You can use variables in your config file, since it's really just a normal Tcl file. For example, you can set 'userfile' and 'chanfile' to "yourbot.user" and "yourbot.chan" using the following method:

set myvar "yourbot"
set userfile "$myvar.user"
set chanfile "$myvar.chan"

9. You can export parts of your config file to separate files. For example, if you have several config files which differ from themselves only by the nickname and the used servers, you can export them to an own file and link it with the 'source' Tcl command, similar to a script. The advantage of this is that you have to edit/upload only the small file instead of the big one. This technique is also useful if you want to maintain the same channel settings, etc across your botnet.

10. You can rename a builtin command by binding over it.

To rename '.status' to '.report', you'd do:

unbind dcc - status *dcc:status
bind dcc m report *dcc:status

The first line removes the builtin binding on '.status' and the second line binds '.report' to the builtin status function.

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This is really useful information.

Even after all those years playing with eggdrops, I didn't know most of those. 


Thank you. 

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