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Found 2 results

  1. BlackToolS 2.5.2

    Versiunea v2.5.2 a scriptului BlackToolS o puteti descarca de mai jos. Pentru mai multe info consultati manualul tcl-ului (vedeti comanda .man). Minimum requirements: o Eggdrop 1.8.x o Tcl 8.5 or higher. The major changes in the release include: - CIDR support - dnslookup support - webirc hosts support - securemode: multiple random code messages - antijoinflood: combined antijoinflood + antijoinpartquit - owner notes: turn ON/OFF - silence: eggdrop botnet personal protection - banlist cleaner: remove N bans on full banlist - global ban disctinction: (global) - consecutive chars: new protection - badchan: fixed ipv6 issue - badnick: extra option badnick-bmethod - idle: minor bugs fixed - add: combined add + adduser - userlist: minor bugs fixed - inviteban: exception for Undernet Official Bot *X* - major coding changes for better and faster performance We offer a lot of support for BlackTools scripts, however you can also support us: Donations will help me to keep working on this project.
  2. Version 2.5.2


    ============================================================================================ -= BLaCkShaDoW Production Presents =- BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script One TCL. One smart Eggdrop ============================================================================================ BlackTools is the most complete channel management script who can manage channels from all the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network. ----------------------- Minimum requirements: o Eggdrop 1.8.x o Tcl 8.5 or higher. Most important features: 2.5.2 Most important changes (summary) **** GENERAL CHANGES - Major coding changes for better and faster performance. -- Added a helpful information system to show, after each info request from BlackTools manual, some important TIPS about how to use this script. --- All major protections supports now addition of exceptions and customization of the ban method on each word. ----- The bot now understands some CIDR notation and dnslookup bans. ------ All protections and ban methods recognize webirc hostmask like: mibbit.com, kiwiirc.com, irccloud.com. **** IDLE - Code fixes and enhancements. -- Minor bugs fixed. **** SECUREMODE - Added multiple random code messages for a better security. **** ANTIJOINFLOOD - Recoded and combined antijoinflood with antijoinpartquit in only one protection. **** TOPWORDS - Upgraded to show more statistical informations about: smiles, actions, questions, etc. **** NOTES - Automated abuse system to report directly to the BOSS OWNER. -- Possibility for owners to decide whether they want to receive notes or not. **** SILENCE - Added a personal protection for the bot against ctcp, notice, msg & ctcr using the server silence command. **** AWAYACTION - warn-ban-kick -- Changed the output method of showing the adverts. **** BANLIST CLEANER - Implementated an automatic banlist clean system to remove a certain number of bans when the channel banlist is full. **** BANS DISTICTIONS - Added (global) to distinguish local bans from global ones. **** CONSECUTIVE LETTERS PROTECT - Added a new protection againts chars/consecutive repeated letters. **** REPORT SYSTEM - Added a flood protection settings against those who abuse the use of command. -- Added the possibility that the report to be sent in eggdrop's PRIVMSG. **** BADCHAN - Code fixes and enhancements. -- Added extra option ShowBadChan-bwait and words to be exempted. --- Minor bugs fixed. **** BADNICK - Added extra an option badnick-bmethod. -- You can now add words to be exempted. **** BADIDENT - Added possibility of being able to modify the banmask method. --- You can now add words to be exempted. **** INVITEBAN - Added exception for Undernet Official Bot *X*. **** QUOTE - Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes. -- Minor bugs fixed. **** CP SYSTEM - Some major bugs fixed. **** SEEN - Minor bugs fixed. **** XTOOLS - Minor bugs fixed. **** LINK SYSTEM - Minor bugs fixed. **** BADREALNAME - Minor bugs fixed. **** ADD/ADDUSER/USERLIST - Minor bugs fixed. -- Removed the adduser command and included all it's functions to the add command. **** COUNT - Reintroduced count module, but only as informative thing and how to use it. **** ANTISPAM - Added exception from on-join message for all users with access. **** ANTISPAM - Minor bugs fixed. **** STATS - Reintroduced the statistics for ban commands used by each user with access. * Read BlackTools MANUAL for more info about how to use it. ** Read INSTALL file to know how to install it. *** Read FAQ file for the most frequently asked questions. We offer a lot of support for BlackTools - however you can also support us: Donations will help us to keep working on this project.