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There are no results to display.

Found 4 results

  1. BlackRSS.tcl

    Version 1.0.0


    DESCRIPTION: Gets news from RSS sites added via IRC. Now featuring a preferential setting that let's the user define his keywords to get only the news that contains them. Every chan can have its own list of RSS feeds to check. packages required : tdom, http, tls Commands : !rss - shows the ID's and the commands for the RSS added !rss add <rss cmd> <link> <name> [num=X time=X enc=X word=X,Y,Z] Options (if not specified the standard values are set bellow): num=X -> define the number of new rss news to get ; ex: num=5 time=X -> define the time in minutes for the bot to check for new news ; ex: time=3 enc=X -> define the 'encoding' if the news aren't looking so great (like utf-8) word=X,Y,Z -> define keywords for the rss news (only the news that contain one of the words specified in the title or desc will be shown) ex: word=coronavirus,pandemic,covid --- You can specify one, all or none of the options shown !rss list -> lists each RSS news added with their details (id,cmd,link, etc.) !rss del <id> (removes an added RSS, the ID can be taken from !rss list or !rss) !rss check <link> (checks a RSS link) !rss help - shows the help

    5.00 EUR

  2. BlackWeather.tcl

    Version 1.1


    BlackMeteo will stop working because they changed the api, even tough they removed the forecast..i think for now its enough to know the current weather Displays real-time weather conditions, local time from any city in the world. Version 1.1 : solved the difference between observation time and !time command.


  3. BrainyQuote.tcl

    Version 1.2


    DESCRIPTION: Displays random inspirational quotes, by famous people and public figures, from brainyquote.com. The website BrainyQuote.Com is the web's largest, most user-friendly quotation site. Includes a flood control mechanism. Version 1.2 -- Solved https connection To activate: .chanset +brainyquote | from BlackTools: .set #channel +brainyquote !bq - prints a random quote from BrainyQuote.com - Inspiration & Famous Quotes. !bq <search term> - search and shows a random quote matching that criteria. !bq -version - shows the actual BrainyQuote script version. !set [+|-]dailyquote - timely notification alert with a random 'Quote of Day'.

    5.00 EUR

  4. BlackTrivia.tcl

    Version 1.1


    The next generation trivia script brought to you by tclscripts.net. Version 1.1 -- bugs fixed -- MySQL support for users, scores,stats -- html page generator -- includes BlackTrivia website -- ftp upload for the page generated to website. Commands: 1. /PRIVMSG <botnick> q add <question>:<answer1>:<answer2>... ; add a question FOR KAOS, put KAOS: in front of the question (KAOS - question with multiple answer) 2. /PRIVMSG <botnick> q del <number> ; remove a question 3. !trivia color 1/0 ; 1 - sets color version to trivia/ 0 - sets bold version to trivia 4. !trivia lang <ro>/<en> ; sets language to trivia 5. !report list ; list reports made 6. !report clear ; clear all reports PRIVATE COMMANDS: load - load question files (please make sure there are in scripts) mix [number] - mixing loaded questions COMMANDS: To activate: .chanset +trivia | from BlackTools: .set #channel +trivia !version - returns the Trivia script version. !trivia [reset] - starts/stops Trivia [[reset] only for admins] !hint - get's 1 char from the hidden word !stat [nick]/[-reset] - get's the userstats [[-reset] to reset] !top [gen]/[week]/[play]/[fast] - get's the general,daily,weekly TOP !buy - buy 1 char from the hidden word with your round points !pow - get your power list !place [nick] - get your place in the TOP !play [nick] - get your play time !report <number> [reason] - report a invalid/wrong answer or question !ping - get your ping reply !help - view cmds help -- Powers -- !bonus - apply the bonus power, if you answer correctly you will get the bonus !time - apply the extra time power, it will add X seconds to the current hint !me - apply the ME power, only you can answer the current question !skip - apply the skip power, skip the current question What's new ? - the game is structured by rounds, each round having a number of X trivia games. - at the end of the end the best user get's a power based of his points - users also can buy characters with their round points by using !buy - no copy paste protection implemented [optional] - users get points also based on the played time - users get sanctioned for the wrong answers [optional] - bonus if user advances in top - bonus for the fastest answer - bonus for the fastest round answer - bonus for consecutive answers - auto start/stop based on the activity - user stats available like played time, played time today, rounds played alone, answered questions, answered questions from the 1st hint etc) - automatically adds host to user if he has the same ident & nick. (users can have multiple hosts) - accepts answer from multiple users (the points decrease based on the answer order) except for the bonus questions [optional] - KAOS question support - language module implemented (ro,en available) - ro & en questions available in archive - greet users with their stats (requires +trivia) - autovoice for TOP users - advertise system implemented - anti command flood system implemented - easy way to personalise your trivia with desired colors by using [colorname]text[nocolor], background colors support also. - and much more...

    50.00 EUR