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Found 4 results

  1. Closed Cerere Rezolvare

    Buna seara ! Aceste erori mi le da dupa o saptamana de cand am facut eggdrop-ul pentru trivia special
  2. Hello, Today i was testing BlackTools TCL on DALnet server and I was unable to communicate with the bot... "!man set" command works normally on Undernet server but on dalnet it was not responding at all... and I don't believe it's a Network problem... I think its a TCL problem... Because I use so many Notice tcls there which work fine on dalnet. I suggest you to kindly look at the problem when you about to launch new version of BlackTools...
  3. Closed Probleme egg

    Buna ziua,am o mai multe probleme,una din ele asta [21:26:42] 04[BT] Error. BlackToolS v2.5.3 requires Eggdrop 1.8 (or higher) installed to function properly. Your actual Eggdrop version is04 1.6.21 1062100. a doua e asta am blackip 1.8 [00:03:49] Tcl error [reason:details:module]: can't read "black(dns:host_excepts)": no such element in array
  4. Salut! Imi zice si mie cineva cap coada cum instalez si eu un eggdrop versiunea 1.8.3,precizez am coneciune de la forcesp.