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Blacktools 2.5.1

Released 09/20/2017


FEATURES (summary)

                                 BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script
                                      One TCL. One smart Eggdrop

-- Fixed some differences of eggdrop bantimes.
-- All options/settings are now case sensitive.

**** ANUNT
--- Changed the output method of showing the adverts.

-- Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes and some differences of bantimes.
--- Removed nextback-chan option.

-- Added extra option 'ShowBadChan' - who sends a message to all users with OP (@/&)
   about the banned user and the forbidden channels on which that was found.

-- Added possibility of being able to modify the banmask method.

**** IDLE 
-- Added anti-idle option for halfop users.

-- Added exception for Undernet Official Bot *X*.

**** LIMIT 
-- Fixed some error regarding the way on how the eggdrop sets the channel limit.

**** OMSG 
-- This is a new command that will allow you to send specified messages to all
   users with OP (@/&) from a channel..

**** QUOTE
-- Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes.
--- Changed the output method of showing the quotes.

**** TROLL
-- Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes.
--- Added extra option 'ShowTroll' - once activated, makes the eggdrop to display a
    notice message list of current trolls of the day, when users with access joins
    the channel (the list is reset everyday at midnight).

-- Added extra option 'NoLogged' - once activated, will allow the command
  /msg botnick voiceme <#chan> to be used and by users without a CService Username.

-- possibility for every user to set his own cmdar ( ! ) as they wish.
---- repaired a few bugs...

BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script.
Copyright (c) 2008-2017 Daniel Voipan (aka BLaCkShaDoW).

The following downloads are currently available: BlackTools 2.5.1

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Wiki: - Our wiki provides information about setting up BlackTools and frequently asked questions.
IRC: #TCL-HELP @ irc.undernet.org - There's usually someone available at our IRC channel who can help you with your questions.

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