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Blacktools 2.5

Released 08/20/2017


FEATURES (summary)

                                 BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script
                                      One TCL. One smart Eggdrop

-- Intelligent IRC channel management, every channel manager can now customise this 
   script and its component settings to his liking (add/remove users, activate or 
   disable desired commands, protections or modules).

-- Now 100% flexible to be configured via channel.
---- Possibility of being able to modify, directly into the eggdrop config file
     (eggdrop.conf) without having to log on to the shell machine to do that.
     (i.e. nickname, realname, homechan, chanserv, chanserv username, chanserv
     password, etc.)
---- All the warn/kick/ban reasons are highly customizable. 
---- Every channel manager can set different settings for each channel, add or 
     remove anything as want easily.

**** ANUNT
-- A new and better version of ANUNT/ADVERT module that will display, one by one
   in order, announcements/ads on a channel over a certain amount of time, but ONLY
   if the channel is active.

-- This new autoinvite, is a new personal channel setting, the first of it's kind. 
---- When turned on and banned, this engine makes the eggdrop to remove your ban and
     invite you to that channel, saving you the trouble of doing by yourself.

-- This new autotopic makes your eggdrop to reset the topic to the channel TOPIC and
   URL every time is changed by someone.
---- If the channel is idle, the topic will not be reset during that time
     (idle = no users joining).
---- The old topic module was removed from this version with all system functions,
     except the '.r' command for refreshing topic manually.

-- This system is the old well-known ChanReport system but now renamed in BackChan
   and in a new and better version.
---- When enabled, will give the option for every channel to have a back-channel,
     in which eggdrop will say the bans given by him to the mainchannel..                 

-- The new badchan system will perform scans not only on users are joining channels,
   but also while they are still on the channel where badchan is enabled. 
---- Now the badchans list supports wildcards.

-- This is a new protection module that bans users who use IPs/vhosts containing
   specified bad words. 
---- This new system module supports wildcards.

-- The new BlackTools version brings also a new and very well-implemented ban system 
   which performs accurate and efficient searches through global banlist and every
   channel banlists for a better management and an easier removal/unban.

-- A new system module that will allow the eggdrop to keep statistics of each kick
   and ban given on a specified channel.

-- This new system allows synchronization of all protections modules on 2 or more
   channels at the same time.
---- Once enabled, the eggdrop will add the same ban from a given channel
     simultaneously to all other channels and vice versa.
---- Works only between linked channels, not the others.

*** GAG
-- A new and better version of gag module that will silence/mute a user for a period
   of time (cannot write on channel). 
---- If you do not specify a period will be used a default value.

-- A system module that, once activated, sends a predefined message to all users
   who join a channel and whose nick contains words defined in the eggdrop's database.

**** IDLE
-- A new and better version of the well-known IDLE module that will not allow users
   with op (@) or voice (+v) to idle.

-- A new protection module that bans users for changing their nicknames too often
   within a certain period of time.

**** NOTE
-- Note module system where users can send messages to each other or save personal notes. 
---- Also, eggdrop will send notes to global owner(s) to inform them every time is abused 
     (banned or can't join a channel).

**** QUOTE
-- Perfect navigational system through the pages of every module which has this option
   and a quote support system module.

-- This is a protection module made to prevent join/part flood from botnets (users with
   access are ignored in this checks). This module is made specifically for Undernet.
-- It only works with channel modes +Dm and based on a system that generates a unique
   code for each user who joins the channel, which needs to be confirmed only once
   (first time join) if they wish to be allowed to join in the channel.
---- This system comes packed with an extra option that, once enabled, will generate
     the unique code for each user who joins the channel and every time re-joins, which
     needs to be confirmed every time.

-- This new engine is a seen module extra info, who shows the specified nick what 
   their last message was to that channel.

-- This new engine is a seen module extra info that will make the eggdrop send a info
   message to user who has just been searched with .seen command.
---- The message includes information about the person who searched for them, as well
     as the date, time or channel where the .seen command was used.

-- Will append the channel URL to the ban reason.

-- Will append a ID number of each ban from the eggdrop banlist to the ban reason.
---- Also now the bans can be removed using this ID number too.

**** TIMER
-- Timer module system which allows owners to start timers to execute certain processes 
   (proc) and in case you want to kill/stop a timer you can do this through this module too. 
---- Also provides and a list of active timers running.

-- This is a new system module which will record users activity from a channel, like: 
   number of written words, lines, letters, etc.
---- This new engine comes packed with AccessOnly, an extra option that restricts its
     operation only to users who owns access to eggdrop."
---- If this extra option is not enabled, the TopWords module will work for all channel
     users (both for those with access and for others)."

-- A new system module which, once activated, will give users without access to the
   eggdrop, but logged with *X* the Undernet Service Bot, the ability to have voice
   (+v) simply sending a command to the eggdrop.
--- This system comes packed with an extra option that, once activated, will allow
    the command to be used ONLY when mode +m is set on the channel.

-- Now you can you to upload files that match the pattern *.tcl from a url inside your 
   eggdrop's scripts directory.

**** XONLY
-- A new system module that allows a complete channel administration via Undernet's
   official bot.
---- The eggdrop will perform all BlackToolS commands through *X*, even if is not an op (@).

-- now supports all commands through private message and possibility to set your own cmdar such as '!'.
-- opportunity to change how the bot handles banmasks. You can choose between 7 settings.
---- repaired a few bugs...

BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script.
Copyright (c) 2008-2017 Daniel Voipan (aka BLaCkShaDoW).

The following downloads are currently available: BlackTools 2.5

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