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Blacktools 2.4

Released 08/20/2012


FEATURES (summary)

- you can see the .tcl scripts loaded on eggdrop, those which are in 'scripts' folder and also load/unload .tcl scripts.

- new badchan system. Now whoever will be found on a badchannel will have 30seconds to leave that badchannel, or else it will be banned (global badchan supported).

- new recording/showing sistem of announces more efficient and are shown one after another on channel, from the first one to the last one added (multiple lines in the same greet supported).

- mandatory reason option for deleting a channel and for suspend a channel.

- new scanning sistem for those with idle.

- implemented exceptions system for the antipub module.

- new seen search more efficient and expiration mode for those which haven't been seen by a period of time.

- implemented a Gag system module through which you can mute/silent people.

- repaired a few bugs and much more...

The following downloads are currently available: BlackTools 2.4

Are you having problems with installing or running BlackToolS tcl script?

In case you have not found a solution in the .README file which is contained in the BlackTools2.4.tar.gz you can try the following support methods:

IRC: #TCL-HELP @ irc.undernet.org - There's usually someone available at our IRC channel who can help you with your questions.

We offer a lot of support for BlackTools script - however you can also support us:

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