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  1. Problmele 2 tcl-uri

    tcl-urile nu au probleme, pentru a putea functiona trebuie sa pui directoarele lor, care desigur se afla in arhiva, in directorul scripts. FaZaN nu s-a putut incarca.Nu am putut gasii baza de date. Ai grija ca directorul "fazan" sa fie in scripts. [13:18:27] <Bercenar> [13:18:27] [10:40:38] Nu am putut incarca Spanzuratoare.tcl. Te reg verifica ca directorul spanzuratoare sa se afle in scripts. [13:18:27] De aceea primeai si erorile astea..
  2. You have to make an account and get an api key to put în weather tcl. Please read în tcl The link where you have to make an account.
  3. see this post : in here i have some steps written about instaling package tls.
  4. here is the json.tcl json.tcl
  5. CoinMarket.tcl

    Version 1.1


    DESCRIPTION: Gives detailed current market valuations (prices) of all cryptocoins such as Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), etc. Source: https://coinmarketcap.com Commands : !coin set [cryptocoin] - links a default user cryptocoin or rank number. !coin [+|-]alert - timely notification alert with your preferred cryptocoin price. ( use + for ON & - for OFF) The tcl has a timer implemented that can alert users (if they had setup their default coin) if something changes about their coin (price, volume, etc.) packages required: http, tls, json Examples: !coin BTC <Robit> Bitcoin (BTC) -- Rank: #1 ; Market Cap: 170,475,706,554.33 USD ; Price: 9249.08 USD ; Volume (24h): 16,047,747,021.87 ; Circulating supply: 18,431,637 ; Change (24h): -0.23% ; Last update: 2020-07-13 10:22:14 ; Site: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bitcoin/ !coin top3 �18�<��29Robit�>�� Top �3� Cryptocurrencies -- �#1�: Bitcoin (�BTC�) (Price: 9249.08 USD) ; �#2�: Ethereum (�ETH�) (Price: 242.51 USD) ; �#3�: Tether (�USDT�) (Price: 1.0 USD)

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  6. How do I get the youtube tcl script working?

    Hello, first of all, your dowloaded script has formating issues "bind pubm - * check:youtube bind ctcp - ACTION check:youtube:me bind pub Thats the way the lines must be. Download the 1.9 version again. The command should be executed in DCC, you can enter with /ctcp <botnick> chat
  7. cservice.tcl

    Version 1.0


    DESCRIPTION: Gets information about registered channels on undernet via https://cservice.undernet.org/ like channel registered time, created time and other more if the user specified in tcl has access to that channel. It can also list users that have access to channel. Examples : !cs #tcl-help <HomeLinux> Cservice Channel #tcl-help -- Registered on: Jun 10 2009 18:15:00 CSST ; Created on: Never ; Description: Welcome to #Tcl-Help - The World of TCL. ; HomePage: http://- www.tclscripts.net [donations are welcome] - ; Keywords: BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script | Since 2008. ; Saved modes: +tnRl 31 ; Flood prot: 4137477 ; MassDeop: Disabled ; Autojoin: ✔ ; Last change: May 04 2020 09:55:05 CSST <HomeLinux> Use !csc-acc #tcl-help to view access list. !cs-acc #TCL-HELP -HomeLinux- Cservice Channel #TCL-HELP -- ALL -HomeLinux- Username: BLaCkShaDoW ; Access level: 500 ; Autoop: ✘ ; Autovoice: ✘ ; AutoInvite: ✘ ; Access suspended: ✘. -HomeLinux- Username: BlackTools ; Access level: 499 ; Autoop: ✔ ; Autovoice: ✘ ; AutoInvite: ✘ ; Access suspended: ✘. -HomeLinux- Username: Florian ; Access level: 499 ; Autoop: ✘ ; Autovoice: ✘ ; AutoInvite: ✘ ; Access suspended: ✘. -HomeLinux- 41 users left for channel #TCL-HELP, type again the command.


  8. BlackMail.tcl

    Version 1.0


    Now you can get your email alerts and list via IRC. Multiple email account support. Passwords saved in rc4 encryption. Mail accounts added need to support imap. This package contains: BlackMail.tcl, mail.pl, mail.sh. All the files go to scripts directory. REQUIREMENTS TCL packages required: tcllib Perl packages nedeed: Email::Simple, Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL Install perl packages: sudo cpan 'Net::IMAP::Simple::SSL' sudo cpan 'Email::Simple' Configuration setting: chmod +x mail.pl (in terminal) PRIVATE Commands: mail add <account name> <imap hostname> <username> <password> [mail folder] mail list (list your mail accounts) mail del <id number> (delete mail account by ID taken from mail list) mail <account name> (list mail from account) Example: mail add Gmail imap.gmail.com mygmail mypassword To list email from an account: mail gmail * Auto Alert System on new emails * Example : [M@il] From: blackshadow@tclscripts.net ; Subject: mail mail mail ; Received Date: Thu Jun 25 20:50:14 2020 ; Recipient: daniel@vandorpatkanyok.hu ; Status: READ

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  9. SoundCloud.tcl

    Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    Shows information about soundcloud links pasted on channel, includes a search by song name also; Packages required : http, tls

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  10. youtubetitle2.1

    here it is ytitle 1.9 php page.zip
  11. youtubetitle2.1

    hello, there are some issues related to the fact that 2.1 takes the info directly from youtube. Some isp are banned or countries or IP. I can give you the source of the php webpage that takes info from youtube.com that version 1.9 uses and put it on a website and used it.
  12. LiveTennis.tcl

    Version 1.0.0


    DESCRIPTION: Gives real-time tennis game results via scorespro.com. ++ http package is REQUIRED for this script to work. ++ tls package is REQUIRED for this script to work. (1.7.18-2 or later) COMMANDS: !tennis - shows default option matches !tennis live - shows live matches !tennis sch - shows scheduled matches !tennis fin - shows finished matches !tennis all - shows all matches !tennis save <id> - save match in LIVE list (get ID from list) !tennis list - shows the LIVE list. !tennis del <id> - remove the saved match from LIVE list !tennis help - get more help ;p Output Example: -= Live Tennis =- Junaid R. (AUS) - Luca Gelhardt (GER) ; Score: 0:1 ; Match Status: Set 2 ; Set Results: 1:6 0:0 ; Total games: 7 ; Comment: N/A -- Men Exhibition: Tennis Point Series Germany ; ID: m5299527-1

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  13. Timer.tcl

    Version 1.0.0


    DESCRIPTION: Allows you to start/stop processes timers or see the list of active ones.