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  1. Shell Providers List

    IRC Shell/BNCs Providers List: forcesp.net besthostsweden.com fuzzyhost.com eushells.com aceshells.com exolia.fr powershells.de gigaservice.hu xshellz.com xzibition.com risingnet.net eushells.ro exodus.ro kire.net openshells.net jeah.net shell-mx.net hostservers.net lomag.net kewlshells.com Note: the information in this shell provider list is taken from each provider's website, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. The listing of a provider does not indicate an endorsement of that provider. In other words, the shell provider list may contain some really great providers, as well as some really crappy ones :-D If you have or know of any others, please add the website in a comment here.
  2. Eggdrop and Tcl Websites

    Websites that provide articles, downloads, discussion forums and other resources for Eggdrop and Tcl scripts. http://eggwiki.org/ http://www.egghelp.org/ http://eggheads.org/ http://tclarchive.org/ mytclscripts.com http://windrop.sourceforge.net/ http://www.cygwin.com/ http://www.bmotion.net/ The Eggdrop Faq The Tao of Eggdrop Eggdrop Commands Faq If you have or know of any others, please add the website in a comment here.
  3. info/rules

    No rules, talk anything you want about. ___ Fara reguli, putei sa discutati orice.
  4. info/rules

    Here you can talk & ask only about Tcl. We do not support any 3rd party scripts & do we don't make any script for you. If you got a problem or a question this forum is for you, if you need a ready script, then google.com is your favorite site. Before posting in this forum, consult please the TCL manual @ http://forum.egghelp.org, http://wiki.bots.land, http://forum.egghelp.org, http://wiki.bots.land, http://bots.land/articles, http://bots.land/docs & fisierul tcl-commands.doc care se afla in folder-ul DOC in eggdrop. Pentru utilizatorii romani, articole & documente despte tcl/eggdrop @ http://bots.land/translate. Pentru mai multe link-uri vizitati http://tclscripts.net/links. Post-urile ce nu tin de TCL, vor fi sterse.
  5. info/rules

    Disscusions related only to 'BlackToolS' tcl eggdrop script. Other topics automatically will be removed. Here you cand ask help/support, suggest features & report bugs. Project Webpage @ http://tclscripts.net Download @ http://blacktools.tclscripts.net Discuss/support @ http://www.tclscripts.net/forum/16-blacktools-script/ Features request & bug report IRC @ #Tcl-Help on Undernet IRC Network ___ Discutii ce se refera exclusiv la scriptul 'BlackToolS' tcl pentru eggdrop. Posturile ce tin de alte subiecte automat vor fi sterse. Aici puteti cere ajutor/suport, sa sugerati noi caracteristici & semnala erori. Pagina web proiect @ http://tclscripts.net Download @ http://blacktools.tclscripts.net Discutii/suport @ http://www.tclscripts.net/forum/16-blacktools-script/ Viitoare cerinte & raportari erori IRC @ #Tcl-Help on Undernet IRC Network
  6. info/rules

    Before posting in this forum, consult please http://bots.land/docs & http://bots.land/articles. You can get the latest eggdrop version on http://eggheads.org/ or http://geteggdrop.com/ and the latest windrop version on http://windrop.sourceforge.net/. Here you can talk, suggest, ask about everything that concerns eggdrop: problems, features, updates, bugs, commands, settings & flags, etc. ___ Inainte de a pune intrebari in acest forum, consultati http://bots.land/docs & http://bots.land/articles. Cea mai recenta verisune de eggdrop puteti lua de pe http://eggheads.org/ sau http://geteggdrop.com/ si versiunea de windrop cea mai recenta de pe http://windrop.sourceforge.net/. Aici puteti discuta, suggera, intreba despre totul ce se refera la eggdrop: probleme, caracteristici, erori, comenzi, setari & flag-uri, etc.