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  1. corona-stats

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    # COVID-19 (corona) statistics script for Eggdrop A script that displays real time statistics about COVID-19 (corona). ## Requirements * Eggdrop >= 1.6.18 * TCL >= 8.6 * tcllib (<https://www.tcl.tk/software/tcllib/>) * tcltls (<https://core.tcl-lang.org/tcltls/index>) ## Commands !corona [country] - Shows total statistics if no argument is given. If a country name is given as argument detailed statistics for that country is displayed. Ex: !corona Sweden !corona-<XX> - Shortcut command to display detailed statistics for a specific country. XX is replaced by a short country name. Ex: !corona-se, !corona-us etc !coronaus-<XX> - Display statistics for a US state. XX is replaced by the short state name. Ex: !coronaus-ny for New York, or !coronaus-al for Alabama. !coronaca-<XX> - Display statistics for a province in Canada. XX is replaced by the short province name. Ex: !coronaca-on for Ontario, or !coronaca-ns for Nova Scotia. !coronatop5 [category] - Display top 5 country statistics. Provide an optional category to override the default (cases). !coronatop5 help - Display valid categories.