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  1. Eggdrop Few Tricks

    This is really useful information. Even after all those years playing with eggdrops, I didn't know most of those. Thank you.
  2. pisg 0.80-preview2

    Version 0.80


    Pisg - an abbreviation of the Perl the IRC Statistic Generator . The parser, which generates a nice html-stats user activity on a specific channel on IRC. It is used to generate log files.Supported formats: X-Chat, mIRC, mIRC6 , Eggdrops, bxlog for BitchX, irssi, virc98, dancer, Trillian, Grufti, mbot, winbot, zcbot, muh, energymech, ircII, psybnc, ircle, infobot, axur, bobot ++, oer , perlbot, Vision, pircbot, KVIrc , HydraIRC, sirc, moobot, supybot, blootbot, dircproxy. The only requirement thing: the Perl (and of course do the logs). More info: https://pisg.github.io/


  3. pisg pisg-0.73.tar.gz

    There is a new version of PISG available at: https://pisg.github.io/ Version 0.80 (Version 1.0 coming soon, i promise :p)
  4. VPS markets

    I would add a few to this list. I completely trust them as i use them myself. Linode.com DigitalOcean.com BuyVM.net aws.Amazon.com
  5. What is your favorite between the 3? And in those 3 choices, what would run best on a low end vps.