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All-in-One tools for your channel

iTools bot is a TCLscripts.net's project which comes with many various different commands, such as weather, youtube, urbandictionary and more.

Before you request a bot check if your IRC channel has the requirements to make the request, please read our Rules carefully!

iTools bot rules
Before making a request you must have Read and Accept the following rules:
☆ only the founder of the channel can make the request.
☆ multiple requests are not taken into consideration.
☆ Op everyone that joins your channel (free-op channel) not accepted.
☆ it requires an average of 20 persistent users (games/trivia channels will not be included at this time).
☆ if, for 14 days the number of users in your channel drops below 20, the bot will automatically leave and erases the statistics.
☆ the channel must have a life time of at least 6 months (from the date of creation/registration).
☆ there must be no other BOTs with the same functions.
☆ kicking or banning the bot is not allowed.
☆ TCLscripts.net's team members have the power to remove the bot from the channel in case of abuse of the bot or for any other administrative reason.
☆ the applicant undertakes to accept any fun cmds inserted inside the bot by TCLscripts.net's team members.
☆ ONLY if you agree with these rules can continue with your request.

iTools purposes
News: Takes care of the printing, in the channels, the news published by the most important information websites.
IPinfo: Returns IP addresses dns, location, organization and much more informations about a nick/IP/hostname.
Horoscope: Displays your daily horoscopes.
Weather: Gets weather information of any city in the world. You can see the actual weather and forecast weather.
YouTube: When someone is posting a YouTube link in channel, the bot displays some information about like the video title, views, likes/unlikes.
BrainyQuote: Shows random inspirational quotes, by famous people and public figures, from brainyquote.com.
Imdb: Returns Open Movie Database informations about movies by title, IMDb identifier, date released, genre, imdb url, season or episode, etc..
FML: Shows random entries quotes from www.fmylife.com and shouts the information to irc channels.
Translate: Performs translations between 63 different languages.
Statistics (stats): Generate statistics for each channel in which it is located. Daily traffic, list of most active chatter, topic changes and much more. All statistics are then published on a specified website and accessible by anyone.
Bday/Events (soon): Stores birthdays and events, sets channel topics on birthdays and does alarms/announcements when an event or birthday occurs.
Wiki (soon): Searches WikipediA and returns the first paragraph of the description.
UrbanDictionary (soon): Looks up terms on urbandictionary.com and relays them to your irc channel.
Vote system (soon): Allows to create polls and display the results.

iTools supported languages:
RO: romanian
EN: english.

Requesting iTools
In order to request this bot, use the following command:

Usage: /msg iTools request #channel
Example: /msg iTools request #your_channel

In order to remove iTools from your channel, please use the following command: /msg iTools remove #your_channel

TCLscripts.net's team members can be reached via #TCL-HELP @ Undernet IRC Network for any reports, notes or suggestions regarding this bot.

Please be patient and respect TCLscripts.net's team members for their work, they do it for free – and for you.