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                                                           -= BLaCkShaDoW Production Presents =-
                                                      BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script
                                                                    One TCL. One smart Eggdrop

   BlackTools is the most complete channel management script who can manage channels from all 
   the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network.


Minimum requirements:
     o Eggdrop 1.6.x
     o Tcl 8.4 or higher.

Most important features:

2.5.1 Most important changes (summary)

-- Fixed some differences of eggdrop bantimes.
-- All options/settings are now case sensitive.

**** ANUNT
--- Changed the output method of showing the adverts.

-- Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes and some differences of bantimes.
--- Removed nextback-chan option.

-- Added extra option 'ShowBadChan' - who sends a message to all users with OP (@/&)
   about the banned user and the forbidden channels on which that was found.

-- Added possibility of being able to modify the banmask method.

**** IDLE 
-- Added anti-idle option for halfop users.

-- Added exception for Undernet Official Bot *X*.

**** LIMIT 
-- Fixed some error regarding the way on how the eggdrop sets the channel limit.

**** OMSG 
-- This is a new command that will allow you to send specified messages to all
   users with OP (@/&) from a channel..

**** QUOTE
-- Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes.
--- Changed the output method of showing the quotes.

**** TROLL
-- Minor text fixes: spelling and grammar mistakes.
--- Added extra option 'ShowTroll' - once activated, makes the eggdrop to display a
    notice message list of current trolls of the day, when users with access joins
    the channel (the list is reset everyday at midnight).

-- Added extra option 'NoLogged' - once activated, will allow the command
  /msg botnick voiceme <#chan> to be used and by users without a CService Username.

-- possibility for every user to set his own cmdar ( ! ) as they wish.
---- repaired a few bugs...
----- And lots of cool features for your eggdrop 

     * Read BlackTools MANUAL for more info about how to use it. 
     ** Read INSTALL file to know how to install it.
     *** Read FAQ file for the most frequently asked questions.

We offer a lot of support for BlackTools - however you can also support us:
Donations will help us to keep working on this project.

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Buna treaba baieti! Ultima versiune e ce trebuie :)

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:rolleyes:  :rolleyes: ;)

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