About Us


This project started many years ago with the purpose to offer the posibility for the users to download TCL scripts for their Eggdrop. These scripts make the eggdrop do more for you or your channel (protection, commands to control users, etc). In the begining, the website hosted small scripts written by me (BlaCkShaDoW) or scripts made by others.
In time the scripts became more complex and now on TclScripts.Net users can download “Next Generation TCL” like BlackTools.tcl, BlackTrivia.tcl, BlackIP, Horoscope.tcl, Covid19.tcl, LiveFotball.tcl, CoinMarket.tcl and many others. Sure, some of them are not free but these are unique and can make your Eggdrop more awesome :-)

Meet Our Team


Founder, Scripter

In real life: Daniel VOIPAN. You can find me on #TCL-HELP @ UNDERNET