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Solved Scrabble


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Message added by Florian

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Hi I have some problems with this script of scrabble when I try to run I get this error:

Error: can't read "random limit must be greater than zero
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » while executing
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » "rand [llength $words]"
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » (procedure "afiseaza:scrabble" line 13)
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » invoked from within
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » "afiseaza:scrabble $chan"
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » (procedure "start:scrabble" line 12)
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » invoked from within
.:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » "start:scrabble $_pub1 $_pub2 $_pub3 $_pub4 $_pub5"": no such variable


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