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BlackTools 2.5.3 - One TCL, One Smart EggDrop

BlackTools is the most complete channel management tcl script for eggdrop/windrop who can manage channels from all the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network. Offers everything you need for you to start using your eggdrop by having a lots of commands, protections, modules that make your channel more safe and your life easier.
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Eggdrop 1.8.4 - Stable Release

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The Eggdrop code is free for anyone to download and use.
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Solved pisg 0.73 + Eggdrop log = error


The question(s) in this support topic have been answered and the problem solved. Because of this, the support topic has been closed.

If you have other questions, please open a new topic.

Message added by Florian

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I hope somone can help me. I have a problem with pisg 0.73 and my eggdrop bot (1.8.3) 

I have set the following up ind pisg.cfg: 


LogDir = "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/" 
Format = "eggdrop" 
Network = "Futurenode.net" 
Lang = "DA" 
Charset = "utf-8" 
Maintainer = "Taxick" 
Outputfile = "/var/www/stats/futurenode/index.html" 
PicLocation = "/futurenode/gfx" 

LogDir = "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/danmark/" 
Format = "eggdrop" 
Network = "Futurenode.net" 
Lang = "DA" 
Charset = "utf-8" 
Maintainer = "Taxick" 
Outputfile = "/var/www/stats/danmark/index.html" 
PicLocation = "/danmark/gfx" 
LogPrefix = "log" 

And my eggdrop log settings are: 

##### LOG FILES ##### 

# Eggdrop is capable of logging various things, from channel chatter to 
# commands people use on the bot and file transfers. Logfiles are normally 
# kept for 24 hours. Afterwards, they will be renamed to "(logfile).yesterday". 
# After 48 hours, they will be overwritten by the logfile of the next day. 
# Events are logged by certain categories. This way, you can specify 
# exactly what kind of events you want sent to various logfiles. 
# Logfile flags: 
# b - information about bot linking and userfile sharing 
# c - commands 
# d - misc debug information 
# h - raw share traffic 
# j - joins, parts, quits, topic changes, and netsplits on the channel 
# k - kicks, bans, and mode changes on the channel 
# m - private msgs, notices and ctcps to the bot 
# o - misc info, errors, etc (IMPORTANT STUFF) 
# p - public text on the channel 
# r - raw incoming server traffic 
# s - server connects, disconnects, and notices 
# t - raw botnet traffic 
# v - raw outgoing server traffic 
# w - wallops (make sure the bot sets +w in init-server) 
# x - file transfers and file-area commands 
# Note that modes d, h, r, t, and v can fill disk quotas quickly. There are 
# also eight user-defined levels (1-Cool which can be used by Tcl scripts. 
# Each logfile belongs to a certain channel. Events of type 'k', 'j', and 'p' 
# are logged to whatever channel they happened on. Most other events are 
# currently logged to every channel. You can make a logfile belong to all 
# channels by assigning it to channel "*". 

# This is the maximum number of concurrent logfiles that can be opened 
# for writing at one time. At most, this value should be the maximum 
# number of channels you expect to create log files for. There is no 
# value for 'infinity'; very few cases should ever require more than 20. 
# A decrease to this value while running will require a restart (not rehash) 
# of the bot. However, don't decrease it below 5. 
set max-logs 20 

# This is the maximum size of your logfiles. Set it to 0 to disable. 
# This value is in kilobytes, so '550' would mean cycle logs when it 
# reaches the size of 550 kilobytes. Note that this only works if you 
# have keep-all-logs 0 (OFF). 
set max-logsize 0 

# This could be good if you have had problem with the logfile filling 
# your quota/hard disk or if you log +p and publish it to the web and 
# need more up-to-date info. Note that this setting might increase the 
# CPU usage of your bot (on the other hand it will decrease your mem usage). 
set quick-logs 0 

# This setting allows you the logging of raw incoming server traffic via 
# console/log flag 'r', raw outgoing server traffic via console/log mode 'v', 
# raw botnet traffic via console/log mode 't', and raw share traffic via 
# console/log mode 'h'. These flags can create a large security hole, 
# allowing people to see user passwords. This is now restricted to +n users 
# only. Please choose your owners with care. 
set raw-log 0 

# This creates a logfile named eggdrop.log containing private msgs/ctcps, 
# commands, errors, and misc. info from any channel. 
logfile mco * "logs/stats.log" 

# This creates a logfile named lamest.log containing joins, parts, 
# netsplits, kicks, bans, mode changes, and public chat on the 
# channel #lamest. 
logfile jpk #futurenode "logs/futurenode/futurenode.log" 
logfile jpk #help "logs/help/help.log" 
logfile jpk #danmark "logs/danmark/danmark.log" 

# Use this feature to timestamp entries in the log file. 
set log-time 1 

# Set the following to the timestamp for the logfile entries. Popular times 
# might be "[%H:%M]" (hour, min), or "[%H:%M:%S]" (hour, min, sec). 
# Read `man strftime' for more formatting options. Keep it below 32 chars. 
set timestamp-format {[%H:%M:%S]} 

# If you want to keep your logfiles forever, turn this setting on. All 
# logfiles will get suffix ".[day, 2 digits][month, 3 letters][year, 4 digits]". 
# Note that your quota/hard-disk might be filled by this, so check your 
# logfiles often and download them. 
set keep-all-logs 1 

# If keep-all-logs is 1, this setting will define the suffix of the logfiles. 
# The default will result in a suffix like "04May2000". "%Y%m%d" will produce 
# the often used yyyymmdd format. Read the strftime manpages for more options. 
# NOTE: On systems which don't support strftime, the default format will 
# be used _always_. 
set logfile-suffix ".%d%m%Y" 

# You can specify when Eggdrop should switch logfiles and start fresh. You 
# must use military time for this setting. 300 is the default, and describes 
# 03:00 (AM). 
set switch-logfiles-at 300 

# "Writing user file..." and "Writing channel file..." messages won't be logged 
# anymore if this option is enabled. If you set it to 2, the "Backing up user 
# file..." and "Backing up channel file..." messages will also not be logged. 
# In addition to this, you can disable the "Switching logfiles..." and the new 
# date message at midnight, by setting this to 3. 
set quiet-save 0

But when i try to run .pisg, i get this error: 

ircd@futurenode:~/pisg$ ./pisg 
pisg v0.73 - Perl IRC Statistics Generator 

Using config file: pisg.cfg 

Statistics for channel #futurenode @ Futurenode.net by Taxick 

Looking for logfiles in /home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/... 

1 logfile(s) found, using eggdrop format... 

Analyzing log /home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/futurenode.log... 2 days, 28 lines total 
Channel analyzed successfully in 00 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds on Thu Jul 12 22:06:14 2018 

Now generating HTML (DA) in /var/www/stats/futurenode/index.html... 
Statistics for channel #danmark @ Futurenode.net by Taxick 

Looking for logfiles in /home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/danmark/... 

No files in "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/danmark/" matched prefix "log" 
0 logfile(s) found, using eggdrop format... 

Channel analyzed successfully in 00 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds on Thu Jul 12 22:06:14 2018 

No parseable lines found in logfile (0 total lines). Skipping. 
-> You might be using the wrong format. 
-> A common error is that the logs do not contain timestamps for each line. 

If I only add one channel to the pisg.conf 

like this: 



LogDir = "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/" 
Format = "eggdrop" 
Network = "Futurenode.net" 
Lang = "DA" 
Charset = "utf-8" 
Maintainer = "Taxick" 
Outputfile = "/var/www/stats/futurenode/index.html" 
PicLocation = "/futurenode/gfx" 

It works fine! 

So my big question is.. Can someone help me out here... 


The log files look like this: 


[22:23:01] stats joined #futurenode. 
[22:24:18] Jefe (Jefe@FN-j0k.8qu.cna0vp.IP) joined #futurenode. 
[22:24:21] Jefe (Jefe@FN-j0k.8qu.cna0vp.IP) left irc: Changing host 
[22:24:21] Jefe (Jefe@bot.at.futurenode.net) joined #futurenode. 
[22:24:21] #futurenode: mode change '+h Jefe' by ChanServ!ChanServ@services.at.futurenode.net 
[22:25:00] <Taxick> https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0111161/?ref_=rvi_tt 

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There was an error in the config file  

Reinstalled the script and config and now it works... 

This topic can be closed.

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