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BlackTools - One TCL, One Smart EggDrop

BlackTools is the most complete channel management tcl script for eggdrop/windrop who can manage channels from all the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network. Offers everything you need for you to start using your eggdrop by having a lots of commands, protections, modules that make your channel more safe and your life easier.
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Eggdrop 1.8.3 - Stable Release

Eggdrop is the most advanced, most popular, and best supported IRC bot. If you've never used a bot before, you'll find Eggdrop provides a staggering array of options for channel management, and can easily be expanded further to provide even more functions. It is a feature rich program designed to be easily used and expanded upon (using Tcl scripting) by both novice and advanced IRC users on a variety of hardware and software platforms.
The Eggdrop code is free for anyone to download and use.
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Ultima versiune a scriptului BlackToolS este v2.5.2, pe care o puteti descarca de mai jos.

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Pentru mai multe info consultati manualul tcl-ului (vedeti comanda .man).
Minimum requirements:
     o Eggdrop 1.8.x
     o Tcl 8.5 or higher.
The major changes in the release include:
- CIDR support
- dnslookup support
- webirc hosts support
- securemode: multiple random code messages
- antijoinflood: combined antijoinflood + antijoinpartquit
- owner notes: turn ON/OFF
- silence: eggdrop botnet personal protection
- banlist cleaner: remove N bans on full banlist
- global ban disctinction: (global)
- consecutive chars: new protection
- badchan: fixed ipv6 issue
- badnick: extra option badnick-bmethod
- idle: minor bugs fixed
- add: combined add + adduser
- userlist: minor bugs fixed
- inviteban: exception for Undernet Official Bot *X*
- major coding changes for better and faster performance
We offer a lot of support for BlackTools scripts, however you can also support us:
Donations will help me to keep working on this project.

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