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Change the default mask with .adduser (DCC cmd)

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ADDUSER - creates a new user record for a user on the channel, using their current hostname (with no password and the default flags). 

DCC SYNTAX: adduser [!]<nickname> [handle] 

If the user is using a different nickname than the bot normally knows her by, you can specify their "handle" (the nickname that the bot remembers). If the bot already knows someone by that nickname, and the user on the channel doesn't have a bot record, then it does the equivalent of an 'ident' for that user - except that, again, no information is sent to the user telling them that anything was done.

# Add a user using the standard hostmask
<zeke> .adduser nick 
<bot> Added [nick] *! ident@* with no password. 

You can add a user with a static hostmask when using '.adduser' by prefixing their nick by '!'.

# Add a user using a static hostmask, prefix their nick with a '!'
<zeke> .adduser !nick 
<bot> Added [nick] *! with no password.

Have fun.

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