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How to set different ident on IPv6 subnet

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Download this tcl, put it in eggdropfolder/scripts
Add it on your eggdrop config.
source scripts/oidentd.tcl 

Then go to eggdropfolder/scripts
nano oidentd.tcl

and change the red words (YourIdent) with the ident you want to set on your egg & YourUsername with your vps username.

For the ident, you can set it like the one you have on eggdrop.conf

#Set this to your ident you like to use with this Eggdrop
set ident "YourIdent"

#Set this to the full path of your .oidentd.conf [/home/username/.oidentd.conf]
# WARNING! This file will be overwritten!
set oidentdconf "/home/username/.oidentd.conf"

# -------------------------------------------------------------------------

proc setident {type} {
 global ident oidentdconf
 putlog "Set ident to $ident"
 set file [open $oidentdconf "w"]

 puts $file "global { reply \"$ident\"}"
 close $file

putlog "oidentd.tcl Version 1.0"
bind evnt - connect-server setident


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