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  1. Shell Providers List

    IRC Shell/BNCs Providers List: Note: the information in this shell provider list is taken from each provider's website, and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information. The listing of a provider does not indicate an endorsement of that provider. In other words, the shell provider list may contain some really great providers, as well as some really crappy ones :-D If you have or know of any others, please add the website in a comment here.
  2. Eggdrop and Tcl Websites

    Websites that provide articles, downloads, discussion forums and other resources for Eggdrop and Tcl scripts. The Eggdrop Faq The Tao of Eggdrop Eggdrop Commands Faq If you have or know of any others, please add the website in a comment here.
  3. info/rules

    No rules, talk anything you want about. ___ Fara reguli, putei sa discutati orice.
  4. info/rules

    Here you can talk & ask only about Tcl. We do not support any 3rd party scripts & do we don't make any script for you. If you got a problem or a question this forum is for you, if you need a ready script, then is your favorite site. Before posting in this forum, consult please the TCL manual @,,,,, & fisierul tcl-commands.doc care se afla in folder-ul DOC in eggdrop. Pentru utilizatorii romani, articole & documente despte tcl/eggdrop @ Pentru mai multe link-uri vizitati Post-urile ce nu tin de TCL, vor fi sterse.
  5. info/rules

    Disscusions related only to 'BlackToolS' tcl eggdrop script. Other topics automatically will be removed. Here you cand ask help/support, suggest features & report bugs. Project Webpage @ Download @ Discuss/support @ Features request & bug report IRC @ #Tcl-Help on Undernet IRC Network ___ Discutii ce se refera exclusiv la scriptul 'BlackToolS' tcl pentru eggdrop. Posturile ce tin de alte subiecte automat vor fi sterse. Aici puteti cere ajutor/suport, sa sugerati noi caracteristici & semnala erori. Pagina web proiect @ Download @ Discutii/suport @ Viitoare cerinte & raportari erori IRC @ #Tcl-Help on Undernet IRC Network
  6. info/rules

    Before posting in this forum, consult please & You can get the latest eggdrop version on or and the latest windrop version on Here you can talk, suggest, ask about everything that concerns eggdrop: problems, features, updates, bugs, commands, settings & flags, etc. ___ Inainte de a pune intrebari in acest forum, consultati & Cea mai recenta verisune de eggdrop puteti lua de pe sau si versiunea de windrop cea mai recenta de pe Aici puteti discuta, suggera, intreba despre totul ce se refera la eggdrop: probleme, caracteristici, erori, comenzi, setari & flag-uri, etc.