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  1. TLC scripts not working.

    Same issue. Typing : !scrabble on returns this : Scrabble nu este activat.
  2. TLC scripts not working.

    Hi there, Thanks for the awesome scripts you have there, however I encountered some problems with 2 of the scripts you have here. First one is FAZAN. Not returning any error, eggdrop shows script as loaded but whenever i go into the channel and type !fazan on / !fazan (nothing happens). Second is the black scrabble. This is the error i always get when i type !scrabble on. Until recently all it returned was (scrabble is not on). Unknown channel setting. while executing "channel get $chan Scrabble" (procedure "start:Scrabble" line 38) invoked from within "start:Scrabble $_pub1 $_pub2 $_pub3 $_pub4 $_pub5" Thank you in advance for your help. Using latest version of eggdrop paired with unrealircd
  3. TLC scripts not working.

    Thank you for your reply. I've changed, it seems the TCL is loading however is still not working. Whenever i type !scrabble on in the chat is says : "Scrabble nu este activat." Or any other command i try, it says the same thing. As for Fazan script (i can see in console it's being loaded). But i just type into chat !fazan on and it does nothing (not even a log/message). Kind Regards, Mihai G.