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  1. Solved pisg 0.73 + Eggdrop log = error

    Hi, There was an error in the config file Reinstalled the script and config and now it works... This topic can be closed.
  2. Hi, I hope somone can help me. I have a problem with pisg 0.73 and my eggdrop bot (1.8.3) I have set the following up ind pisg.cfg: Quote: <channel="#futurenode"> LogDir = "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/" Format = "eggdrop" Network = "" Lang = "DA" Charset = "utf-8" Maintainer = "Taxick" Outputfile = "/var/www/stats/futurenode/index.html" PicLocation = "/futurenode/gfx" </channel> <channel="#danmark"> LogDir = "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/danmark/" Format = "eggdrop" Network = "" Lang = "DA" Charset = "utf-8" Maintainer = "Taxick" Outputfile = "/var/www/stats/danmark/index.html" PicLocation = "/danmark/gfx" LogPrefix = "log" </channel> And my eggdrop log settings are: Quote: ##### LOG FILES ##### # Eggdrop is capable of logging various things, from channel chatter to # commands people use on the bot and file transfers. Logfiles are normally # kept for 24 hours. Afterwards, they will be renamed to "(logfile).yesterday". # After 48 hours, they will be overwritten by the logfile of the next day. # # Events are logged by certain categories. This way, you can specify # exactly what kind of events you want sent to various logfiles. # # Logfile flags: # b - information about bot linking and userfile sharing # c - commands # d - misc debug information # h - raw share traffic # j - joins, parts, quits, topic changes, and netsplits on the channel # k - kicks, bans, and mode changes on the channel # m - private msgs, notices and ctcps to the bot # o - misc info, errors, etc (IMPORTANT STUFF) # p - public text on the channel # r - raw incoming server traffic # s - server connects, disconnects, and notices # t - raw botnet traffic # v - raw outgoing server traffic # w - wallops (make sure the bot sets +w in init-server) # x - file transfers and file-area commands # # Note that modes d, h, r, t, and v can fill disk quotas quickly. There are # also eight user-defined levels (1- which can be used by Tcl scripts. # # Each logfile belongs to a certain channel. Events of type 'k', 'j', and 'p' # are logged to whatever channel they happened on. Most other events are # currently logged to every channel. You can make a logfile belong to all # channels by assigning it to channel "*". # This is the maximum number of concurrent logfiles that can be opened # for writing at one time. At most, this value should be the maximum # number of channels you expect to create log files for. There is no # value for 'infinity'; very few cases should ever require more than 20. # A decrease to this value while running will require a restart (not rehash) # of the bot. However, don't decrease it below 5. set max-logs 20 # This is the maximum size of your logfiles. Set it to 0 to disable. # This value is in kilobytes, so '550' would mean cycle logs when it # reaches the size of 550 kilobytes. Note that this only works if you # have keep-all-logs 0 (OFF). set max-logsize 0 # This could be good if you have had problem with the logfile filling # your quota/hard disk or if you log +p and publish it to the web and # need more up-to-date info. Note that this setting might increase the # CPU usage of your bot (on the other hand it will decrease your mem usage). set quick-logs 0 # This setting allows you the logging of raw incoming server traffic via # console/log flag 'r', raw outgoing server traffic via console/log mode 'v', # raw botnet traffic via console/log mode 't', and raw share traffic via # console/log mode 'h'. These flags can create a large security hole, # allowing people to see user passwords. This is now restricted to +n users # only. Please choose your owners with care. set raw-log 0 # This creates a logfile named eggdrop.log containing private msgs/ctcps, # commands, errors, and misc. info from any channel. logfile mco * "logs/stats.log" # This creates a logfile named lamest.log containing joins, parts, # netsplits, kicks, bans, mode changes, and public chat on the # channel #lamest. logfile jpk #futurenode "logs/futurenode/futurenode.log" logfile jpk #help "logs/help/help.log" logfile jpk #danmark "logs/danmark/danmark.log" # Use this feature to timestamp entries in the log file. set log-time 1 # Set the following to the timestamp for the logfile entries. Popular times # might be "[%H:%M]" (hour, min), or "[%H:%M:%S]" (hour, min, sec). # Read `man strftime' for more formatting options. Keep it below 32 chars. set timestamp-format {[%H:%M:%S]} # If you want to keep your logfiles forever, turn this setting on. All # logfiles will get suffix ".[day, 2 digits][month, 3 letters][year, 4 digits]". # Note that your quota/hard-disk might be filled by this, so check your # logfiles often and download them. set keep-all-logs 1 # If keep-all-logs is 1, this setting will define the suffix of the logfiles. # The default will result in a suffix like "04May2000". "%Y%m%d" will produce # the often used yyyymmdd format. Read the strftime manpages for more options. # NOTE: On systems which don't support strftime, the default format will # be used _always_. set logfile-suffix ".%d%m%Y" # You can specify when Eggdrop should switch logfiles and start fresh. You # must use military time for this setting. 300 is the default, and describes # 03:00 (AM). set switch-logfiles-at 300 # "Writing user file..." and "Writing channel file..." messages won't be logged # anymore if this option is enabled. If you set it to 2, the "Backing up user # file..." and "Backing up channel file..." messages will also not be logged. # In addition to this, you can disable the "Switching logfiles..." and the new # date message at midnight, by setting this to 3. set quiet-save 0 But when i try to run .pisg, i get this error: Quote: ircd@futurenode:~/pisg$ ./pisg pisg v0.73 - Perl IRC Statistics Generator Using config file: pisg.cfg Statistics for channel #futurenode @ by Taxick Looking for logfiles in /home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/... 1 logfile(s) found, using eggdrop format... Analyzing log /home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/futurenode.log... 2 days, 28 lines total Channel analyzed successfully in 00 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds on Thu Jul 12 22:06:14 2018 Now generating HTML (DA) in /var/www/stats/futurenode/index.html... Statistics for channel #danmark @ by Taxick Looking for logfiles in /home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/danmark/... No files in "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/danmark/" matched prefix "log" 0 logfile(s) found, using eggdrop format... Channel analyzed successfully in 00 hours, 00 minutes and 00 seconds on Thu Jul 12 22:06:14 2018 No parseable lines found in logfile (0 total lines). Skipping. -> You might be using the wrong format. -> A common error is that the logs do not contain timestamps for each line. ircd@futurenode:~/pisg$ If I only add one channel to the pisg.conf like this: Quote: <channel="#futurenode"> LogDir = "/home/ircd/egg-stats/logs/futurenode/" Format = "eggdrop" Network = "" Lang = "DA" Charset = "utf-8" Maintainer = "Taxick" Outputfile = "/var/www/stats/futurenode/index.html" PicLocation = "/futurenode/gfx" </channel> It works fine! So my big question is.. Can someone help me out here... EDIT The log files look like this: Quote: [22:23:01] stats joined #futurenode. [22:24:18] Jefe (Jefe@FN-j0k.8qu.cna0vp.IP) joined #futurenode. [22:24:21] Jefe (Jefe@FN-j0k.8qu.cna0vp.IP) left irc: Changing host [22:24:21] Jefe ( joined #futurenode. [22:24:21] #futurenode: mode change '+h Jefe' by ChanServ! [22:25:00] <Taxick>