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  1. UrlTitle tcl

    I'll be trying this out for sure. All the scripts I used to use just don't work anymore. EDIT: It seems the above link is dead. EDIT 2: I thought this may be of some use to some people. I use both: UrlTitle.tcl & YoutubeTitle-1.7.tcl Which are on at the same time in the same channel. So, to stop both scripts returning YouTube results I added this line: "if {[string match -nocase *Youtube* $word]} {continue}" to the UrlTitle script under: "foreach word [split $text] {" but above "if {[string length $word] >= $length && [regexp {^(f|ht)tp(s|)://} $word] && \ ![regexp {://([^/:]*:([^/]*@|\d+(/|$))|.*/\.)} $word]} {" You can replace: "foreach word [split $text] { if {[string length $word] >= $length && [regexp {^(f|ht)tp(s|)://} $word] && \ ![regexp {://([^/:]*:([^/]*@|\d+(/|$))|.*/\.)} $word]} {" With this: "foreach word [split $text] { if {[string match -nocase *Youtube* $word]} {continue} if {[string length $word] >= $length && [regexp {^(f|ht)tp(s|)://} $word] && \ ![regexp {://([^/:]*:([^/]*@|\d+(/|$))|.*/\.)} $word]} {" EDIT 3: Link is fixed, but I'm getting an error that I never had before. Downloaded the vanilla script before I edited the YouTube out just to make sure it wasn't something I did, but here's the error: Testdrop [02:05:15] * Last context: tclhash.c/710 [Tcl proc: UrlTitle::handler, param: $_pubm1 $_pubm2 $_pubm3 $_pubm4 $_pubm5] Testdrop [02:05:15] * Please REPORT this BUG! Testdrop [02:05:15] * Check doc/BUG-REPORT on how to do so. Testdrop [02:05:15] * Wrote DEBUG Testdrop [02:05:15] * SEGMENT VIOLATION -- CRASHING!