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    pisg 0.80-preview2

    Pisg - an abbreviation of the Perl the IRC Statistic Generator . The parser, which generates a nice html-stats user activity on a specific channel on IRC. It is used to generate log files.Supported formats: X-Chat, mIRC, mIRC6 , Eggdrops, bxlog for BitchX, irssi, virc98, dancer, Trillian, Grufti, mbot, winbot, zcbot, muh, energymech, ircII, psybnc, ircle, infobot, axur, bobot ++, oer , perlbot, Vision, pircbot, KVIrc , HydraIRC, sirc, moobot, supybot, blootbot, dircproxy. 
      The only requirement thing: the Perl (and of course do the logs).    More info: https://pisg.github.io/


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