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Displays real-time weather conditions, days forecast and local time from any city in the world.  
Supports US Zipcode, UK Postcode, Canada Postalcode or worldwide city name.                      

Few of the available variable: max./min. and 'feels like' temperatures, wind speed, sun rise/set, astronomy, local time, etc. 

Uses apixu.com API to grab weather details..

Tested on Eggdrop v1.8.3 (Debian Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64) Tcl version: 8.6.6                        

     ++ http & tls packages are REQUIRED for this script to work.                                  
     ++ Edit the BlackMeteo.tcl script and place it into your /scripts directory,                  
     ++ add "source scripts/BlackMeteo.tcl" to your eggdrop config and rehash the bot.             

  - 1.2 version                                                                                    
    + completely rebuilt in a new style and with another source for weather conditions.            
    + added a flood protection settings against those who abuse the use of command.                
    + no multiple results, now provides more accurate informations.                                
    + added setting for a default user location different for each channel.                        
    + added multi-languages: RO & EN.                                                              
    + added forecast, time & date informations.                                                    
    + added extra stuff for wind, UV and preassure.                                                
    + added extra stuff for sunset and sunrise.                                                    
    + added utf-8 support.                                                                         

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Great addon to your eggdrop. Flawlessly works where others fail. 

I would give this 10 out of 10 but for one problem with this script.


When the eggdrop reboots, the users have to re enter all their location details as this script has no save faciltiy for users, which is a shame, because this would make it a perfect weather script if it kept users names and locations and saved them in a file rather than having to re enter them every time the eggdrop reboots.


Dominatez: you don't have a location set. Use: [!weather|!w] set <location> to set one.


Fix this, and i will update the review.

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