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  • YouTubeTitle.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    Youtube Title 1.6 fetches and displays video information when a YouTube link is posted in channel. displays title, date and rating of posted video links.  supports also HTTPS links. UPDATES/CHANGES: (v1.7) shows and infos about duration/length (v1.6) multiple output methods of showing the infos configurable via channel (v1.6) multi-language support configurable via channel (v1.6) supports eggdrop version less than 1.8.* (v1.6) options/settings are now case sensitive NOTE: requires packages http  * To work put the http.tcl, from the archive, in your eggdrop config (if you don't have it instaled) ** To activate .chanset #channel +ytitle | BlackTools : .set +ytitle *** To chose a different language .set ytlang <RO> / <EN> / <FR> / <ES> / <IT>

    **** To change output methods .set ytcolor <0/1> (1 - colors ; 0 - no colors)

  • BlackIP.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    Returns IPs (both IPv4 & IPv6) dns, location & organization information for a nick/IP/hostname. requires: packages http and json

    USAGE: !ip <ip> / <host> / <nickname>

    - added a flood protection settings against those who abuse the use of command.
    - added extra stuff for suspicious details as: proxy, tor and spam.
    - added extra stuff fo latitude/longitude, mobile and timezone date details.
    - added utf-8 support.
    - minor bugs fixed.

    To activate .chanset #channel +ip | BlackTools : .set +ip
    To chose a different language .set iplang <RO> / <EN> / <FR> / <ES>

    To work, put the two tcl's in config from the arhive: json.tcl , http.tcl (if you don't have them instaled)
  • BlackMeteo.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

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    Displays real-time weather conditions, days forecast and local time from any city in the world.  
    Supports US Zipcode, UK Postcode, Canada Postalcode or worldwide city name.                       Few of the available variable: max./min. and 'feels like' temperatures, wind speed, sun rise/set, astronomy, local time, etc.  Uses apixu.com API to grab weather details.. Tested on Eggdrop v1.8.3 (Debian Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64) Tcl version: 8.6.6                         INSTALLATION:                                                          
         ++ http & tls packages are REQUIRED for this script to work.                                  
         ++ Edit the BlackMeteo.tcl script and place it into your /scripts directory,                  
         ++ add "source scripts/BlackMeteo.tcl" to your eggdrop config and rehash the bot.              CHANGELOG:                                                                                       
      - 1.2 version                                                                                    
        + completely rebuilt in a new style and with another source for weather conditions.            
        + added a flood protection settings against those who abuse the use of command.                
        + no multiple results, now provides more accurate informations.                                
        + added setting for a default user location different for each channel.                        
        + added multi-languages: RO & EN.                                                              
        + added forecast, time & date informations.                                                    
        + added extra stuff for wind, UV and preassure.                                                
        + added extra stuff for sunset and sunrise.                                                    
        + added utf-8 support.                                                                         
  • BlackTools2.5.3.tar.gz By BLaCkShaDoW

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                                                               -= BLaCkShaDoW Production Presents =-
                                                          BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script
                                                                        One TCL. One smart Eggdrop
    ============================================================================================    BlackTools is the most complete channel management script who can manage channels from all 
       the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network.                                                                                ----------------------- Minimum requirements:
         o Eggdrop 1.8.x
         o Tcl 8.5 or higher. Most important features: 2.5.3 Most important changes (summary) **** GENERAL CHANGES - All protections supports now addition of exceptions and customization of the ban method on each word. - More major code changes for better and faster performance. --- Other new commands have been added. ---- Fixed some ipv6 bugs. **** SEEN - Code fixes and enhancements. -- Upgraded with a global seen search method. **** EXEMPT - Adds a ban exempt to the list of exempts, with optional comment and exempt period of time. **** FOR - This is a new command that will allow multiple eggdrops to execute simultaneously the same command. **** NICKSERV - Implementated a new login method that will allow the eggdrop identifying with Nickserv. **** ANTISPAM - You can now add/list/del words to be exempted. **** BAN/UNBAN - Minor bugs fixed. **** SECUREMODE - Minor bugs fixed. **** BLACK COMMAND - Minor bugs fixed. **** BACKCHAN - Minor bugs fixed. **** BADCHAN - Added a badchan scan flood protection setting with role of protecting the eggdrop from massjoin actions by stopping the on join scan of users for a period of time.      * Read BlackTools MANUAL for more info about how to use it. 
         ** Read INSTALL file to know how to install it.
         *** Read FAQ file for the most frequently asked questions.
      We offer a lot of support for BlackTools - however you can also support us:
    Donations will help us to keep working on this project.
  • IPStatus.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    IPStatus 1.1
    - pings a given destination (IPv4, IPv6 or website) and replies ping time and if is up or down. 

    ATTENTION!!! IPv6 reply works only for those who have IPv6 active on their machine!!

    USAGE: !iping <ip> / <host> / <website>

    - Supports IPv6 (only for those who have ipv6 active on their machine!!)
    - Multi-language support To chose a different language .set ipslang <RO> / <EN> / <IT>  

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