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  • BlackCountryEN.tcl By Florian

    The script will ban all IPs which are in countries added to the blacklist.
    You can add both full name and/or countries shortcut.   ATTENTION: You must have 'package GeoIP' for the script to work.
  • YouTubeTitle.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    Youtube Title 1.6 fetches and displays video information when a YouTube link is posted in channel. displays title, date and rating of posted video links.  supports also HTTPS links. UPDATES/CHANGES: Now with multiple output methods of showing the infos configurable via channel Now with multi-language support configurable via channel Now supports eggdrop version less than 1.8.* All options/settings are now case sensitive NOTE: requires packages http  * To work put the http.tcl, from the archive, in your eggdrop config (if you don't have it instaled) ** To activate .chanset #channel +ytitle | BlackTools : .set +ytitle *** To chose a different language .set ytlang <RO> / <EN> / <FR> / <ES> / <IT>

    **** To change output methods .set ytcolor <0/1> (1 - colors ; 0 - no colors)

  • csc.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    Check the status of an existing channel aplication through CService on UnderNet.
    Originaly wroted by BaRDaHL
  • BlackIP.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    Returns IPs (both IPv4 & IPv6) dns, location & organization information for a nick/IP/hostname. requires: packages http and json

    USAGE: !ip <ip> / <host> / <nickname>

    - Changed source website
    - Now supports IPv6
    - Now supports eggdrop version less than 1.8.0
    - Now with multi-language support

    To activate .chanset #channel +ip | BlackTools : .set +ip
    To chose a different language .set iplang <RO> / <EN> / <FR> / <ES>

    To work, put the two tcl's in config from the arhive: json.tcl , http.tcl (if you don't have them instaled)
  • pisg-0.73.tar.gz By zeke

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    pisg is an IRC channel statics generator written in Perl, it creates statistics from different logfile formats. It was originally written because IRCStats wasn't open source. So here's an open source/GPL'ed version to anyone interested. It's a funny thing for your IRC channel, and it's highly customizeable. You can see some example pages in the examples section.

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