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  • IPStatus.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

    IPStatus 1.1
    - pings a given destination (IPv4, IPv6 or website) and replies ping time and if is up or down. 

    ATTENTION!!! IPv6 reply works only for those who have IPv6 active on their machine!!

    USAGE: !iping <ip> / <host> / <website>

    - Supports IPv6 (only for those who have ipv6 active on their machine!!)
    - Multi-language support To chose a different language .set ipslang <RO> / <EN> / <IT>  
  • eggdrop-1.8.3.tar.gz By zeke

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    The major changes are: - bugfixes related to SSL/TLS and botnets in particular
    - backwards-compatible syntax change to the addbot command (dcc and Tcl) to restore sanity when dealing with IPv6 addresses.
    - a new .resetconsole dcc command was added to reset your console flags to the defaults.
    - simplified botnet debugging, with the console modes +h/+g showing outgoing and incoming botnet raw traffic respectively.
    - significant work on many botnet features and bugs, to include additional granularity in botnet traffic console flags, improved logging, and some issues with SSL handshakes.
    - additional error/sanity checks for user inputs with various commands For the full list of changes see doc/Changes1.8. You can follow development and report bugs on https://github.com/eggheads/eggdrop
  • BlackTools2.5.3.tar.gz By BLaCkShaDoW

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                                                               -= BLaCkShaDoW Production Presents =-
                                                          BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script
                                                                        One TCL. One smart Eggdrop
    ============================================================================================    BlackTools is the most complete channel management script who can manage channels from all 
       the IRC networks, although some modules are specifically designed only for Undernet network.                                                                                ----------------------- Minimum requirements:
         o Eggdrop 1.8.x
         o Tcl 8.5 or higher. Most important features: 2.5.3 Most important changes (summary) **** GENERAL CHANGES - All protections supports now addition of exceptions and customization of the ban method on each word. - More major code changes for better and faster performance. --- Other new commands have been added. ---- Fixed some ipv6 bugs. **** SEEN - Code fixes and enhancements. -- Upgraded with a global seen search method. **** EXEMPT - Adds a ban exempt to the list of exempts, with optional comment and exempt period of time. **** FOR - This is a new command that will allow multiple eggdrops to execute simultaneously the same command. **** NICKSERV - Implementated a new login method that will allow the eggdrop identifying with Nickserv. **** ANTISPAM - You can now add/list/del words to be exempted. **** BAN/UNBAN - Minor bugs fixed. **** SECUREMODE - Minor bugs fixed. **** BLACK COMMAND - Minor bugs fixed. **** BACKCHAN - Minor bugs fixed. **** BADCHAN - Added a badchan scan flood protection setting with role of protecting the eggdrop from massjoin actions by stopping the on join scan of users for a period of time.      * Read BlackTools MANUAL for more info about how to use it. 
         ** Read INSTALL file to know how to install it.
         *** Read FAQ file for the most frequently asked questions.
      We offer a lot of support for BlackTools - however you can also support us:
    Donations will help us to keep working on this project.
  • TCLarchive.tcl By BLaCkShaDoW

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    This script searches on TclArchive website and pulls informations matching title, author, description or download link.                 Tested on Eggdrop v1.8.2 (Debian Linux 3.16.0-4-amd64) Tcl version: 8.6.6                         Installation:                                                          
         ++ http package is REQUIRED for this script to work.                                          
         ++ Edit the TclArchive.tcl script and place it into your /scripts directory,                  
         ++ add "source scripts/TclArchive.tcl" to your eggdrop config and rehash the bot.     
  • pisg By zeke

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      Pisg - an abbreviation of the Perl the IRC Statistic Generator . The parser, which generates a nice html-stats user activity on a specific channel on IRC. It is used to generate log files.Supported formats: X-Chat, mIRC, mIRC6 , Eggdrops, bxlog for BitchX, irssi, virc98, dancer, Trillian, Grufti, mbot, winbot, zcbot, muh, energymech, ircII, psybnc, ircle, infobot, axur, bobot ++, oer , perlbot, Vision, pircbot, KVIrc , HydraIRC, sirc, moobot, supybot, blootbot, dircproxy.    The only requirement thing: the Perl (and of course do the logs). 

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