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  4. Cerere Rezolvare

    Buna seara ! Aceste erori mi le da dupa o saptamana de cand am facut eggdrop-ul pentru trivia special
  5. BlackNews.tcl

    Version 1.0


    DESCRIPTION: Uses Google News to print, on channels in real-time, the worldwide news published by the most important websites from all over the web. You can see different kinds of news covered by the same keywords, from different sources or writted in different languages. INSTALLATION: ++ http, json & tls packages are REQUIRED for this script to work. ++ Edit the BlackNews.tclscript and place it into your /scripts directory, add "source scripts/BlackNews.tcl" to your eggdrop config and rehash the bot.

    20.00 EUR

  6. pisg 0.80-preview2

    Version 0.80


    Pisg - an abbreviation of the Perl the IRC Statistic Generator . The parser, which generates a nice html-stats user activity on a specific channel on IRC. It is used to generate log files.Supported formats: X-Chat, mIRC, mIRC6 , Eggdrops, bxlog for BitchX, irssi, virc98, dancer, Trillian, Grufti, mbot, winbot, zcbot, muh, energymech, ircII, psybnc, ircle, infobot, axur, bobot ++, oer , perlbot, Vision, pircbot, KVIrc , HydraIRC, sirc, moobot, supybot, blootbot, dircproxy. The only requirement thing: the Perl (and of course do the logs). More info:


  7. pisg pisg-0.73.tar.gz

    There is a new version of PISG available at: Version 0.80 (Version 1.0 coming soon, i promise :p)
  8. Pending TCL Problem on DALnet - Not Responding !

    Replace in BlackTools the file : BT.Core.tcl with this modified version. And see if it responds. BT.Core.tcl
  9. The best for me is Centos Web Panel. Check it here!
  10. Hello, Today i was testing BlackTools TCL on DALnet server and I was unable to communicate with the bot... "!man set" command works normally on Undernet server but on dalnet it was not responding at all... and I don't believe it's a Network problem... I think its a TCL problem... Because I use so many Notice tcls there which work fine on dalnet. I suggest you to kindly look at the problem when you about to launch new version of BlackTools...
  11. BlackToolS 2.5.2

    view help with .h , navigate trough categories with .h <categ> and view manual foreach cmd with .man <cmd>. Have Fun
  12. VestaCP is a good solution for small/personal websites, for me the setup was a pain in the neck, but virtualmin is more stable. Here you can find a more detailed comparative list, done by a admin.
  13. VPS markets

    I would add a few to this list. I completely trust them as i use them myself.
  14. What is your favorite between the 3? And in those 3 choices, what would run best on a low end vps.
  15. spammyBL.tcl

    Version 1.2


    Small protection against spam bots seding text lines with the same letters. Only checks channels you specify. CHANGELOG: - 1.2 version + new extra option securespam, if activated, sets +m and mass voice all users on channel, but not banning on join bots anymore. + new extra option to inform, ONLY if activated, by a message all OPs (@/&) from channel about the suspected user. + also an exception list has been implemented. - 1.1 version + minor fix for people without utf-8 installed on their machines.


  16. BlackToolS 2.5.2

    Hello. I'm about to start using your BlackToolS Script in an eggdrop bot! Where can I read documentation? Wikis? Etc? Thanks
  17. Unconfirmed TCL error on join

    Posteaza mai multe detalii, precum: versiunea eggdropului, ce versiune este packetul TCL, despre ce versiune de BT vorbim, ce sistem de operare are serverul pe care ruleaza, etc. * Daca este versiunea 2.5.3, primul reply la comanda !status arata versiunea de eggdrop si versiunea TCL.
  18. Unconfirmed TCL error on join

    Tcl error [idlewhoispublic]: can't use non-numeric string as operand of "%" Tcl error [antispam:protect:cycle]: wrong # args: should be "antispam:protect:cycle channels" Tcl error [limit:timer]: wrong # args: should be "limit:timer chans" Este doar BT la setari. Nu ruleaza alt tcl.
  19. Closed Probleme egg

    Eggdropul tau nu indeplineste cerintele minine pentru a rula BlackTools - The Ultimate Channel Control Script versiunea 2.5.3, si anume: Eggdrop 1.8.x si Tcl 8.5 cel putin. Aceste informatii le gaseai si in fisierele README sau chiar in antetul BlackTools.tcl din arvhiva.
  20. Unconfirmed TCL error on join

    That error is not from BlackTools, you are using another script, try an disable others tcl that use dns or change it's flag..
  21. Tcl error [reason:details:module]: wrong # args: should be "dnslookup host" Tcl error [get:chanlist]: wrong # args: should be "dnslookup host"
  22. Closed Probleme egg

    Buna ziua,am o mai multe probleme,una din ele asta [21:26:42] 04[BT] Error. BlackToolS v2.5.3 requires Eggdrop 1.8 (or higher) installed to function properly. Your actual Eggdrop version is04 1.6.21 1062100. a doua e asta am blackip 1.8 [00:03:49] Tcl error [reason:details:module]: can't read "black(dns:host_excepts)": no such element in array
  23. Solved Scrabble

    i sent you an email with a version of Scrabble that works.
  24. Solved Scrabble

    Hi I have some problems with this script of scrabble when I try to run I get this error: Error: can't read "random limit must be greater than zero .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » while executing .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » "rand [llength $words]" .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » (procedure "afiseaza:scrabble" line 13) .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » invoked from within .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » "afiseaza:scrabble $chan" .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » (procedure "start:scrabble" line 12) .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » invoked from within .:01:09:16:. « Flaviu` » "start:scrabble $_pub1 $_pub2 $_pub3 $_pub4 $_pub5"": no such variable scrabble.tcl
  25. BlackFML.tcl

    Version 1.0


    DESCRIPTION: Grabs random entries quotes from and shouts the information to irc channels. - a fun website where people posts everyday stories that could happen to everybody. INSTALLATION: ++ http packages are REQUIRED for this script to work. ++ Edit the BlackFML.tcl script and place it into your /scripts directory, add "source scripts/BlackFML.tcl" to your eggdrop config and rehash the bot.

    10.00 EUR

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